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Hi, I'm Marie...

and I’m OBSESSED with teaching people exactly like you how to communicate with clients so compellingly that your services literally “sell” themselves!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin at the beginning… In 2010 I was working for a well known advertising company. I’d worked my way up from sales consultant to sales troubleshooter, turning underachieving sales teams into sales superstars all over the UK.

My Story

Work with me…

I help coaches, consultants and business owners eliminate overwhelm, self doubt and uncertainty so they can predictably attract clients and build a wildly profitable business, without having to sacrifice their integrity.

What my clients say…

Isabelle Giroday

Isabelle Giroday

“When I first came to Marie, I hated sales. I was really not at ease, and not confident with the actual value I could bring to my clients. Today, I love what I do. I charge what I’m worth and I’m easy to say YES! to!”

Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson

“[Marie] had a vision for me that was bigger than the vision I had for myself.  She believed in me until I believed in myself”

Maria McMahon

Maria McMahon

“I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching in the past with very little success. Within two weeks of working with Marie, I had sold my first client and I’ve kept on selling”

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