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I’m your Sales On Fire Coach. I help action-taking entrepreneurs to fall in love with sales so they can go from striving to thriving in their business.

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Hi, my name is Marie Rodgers and I am OBSESSED with teaching coaches and women in business exactly like you how to set your sales conversations on fire!

What is my purpose?

I help amazing action-taking women (like you) to SET your sales (and bank account) on fire!   I teach you how to charge what you are truly worth and sell with ease, confidence and joy using my 7 Steps to Yes which is an easy step by step blueprint to enjoy sales conversations and keep hearing “Yes, I’m in” instead of “I need to think about it”.

My business mantra is:  ‘When my clients succeed only then do I succeed’.

And now I want to help you build your own, profitable online business.


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Fall in love with sales. Stop striving, start thriving.