In order to create a Signature system that sells, you need to first address four key areas.

Step 1: The problem (Pain)

A lot of people think about the problem in different ways. Typically, people will think about the features, of what that problem is. For example, a problem could be ‘I have no clients’, but the reality is not having enough clients isn’t a good enough reason to sell.

This is where you move from the problem and think of the pain it can cause. Having no clients can lead to sleepless nights, stressful days or lack of confidence.

A good recommendation to find out what your problems are is to write down all your problems, pop them on sticky notes or make a spider diagram on a board. This allows you to come back to it time and time again.

Looking at your problems, think about what pain it causes your clients.

Step 2: The promise (Reason to buy)

Once you have all your problems and related pains sorted, then you move onto the promise. What are the results that you will deliver? When your client finishes working with you, what will they be able to do that they can’t do now?

  • Could you get them to a six-figure business in 12 months?
  • Would you be able to get them instant fame throughout the USA?
  • Can you get your client standing on a stage and talk comfortably to hundreds of people?

Whatever is the problem that you can solve, what is the promise that you will actually make to your client?

Ultimately, how do you intend to take your client from the pain to the joy?

Step 3: Proof

You, me, your friends, and the neighbour you never talk to, we all have something in common before we buy we look for confirmation that this is a good idea. Whether that be from reviews, friend’s suggestions or even an advertisement that we have forgotten we have seen, but we remember it subconsciously.

So why wouldn’t your client do the same?

Before they invest time and money in you they will want proof that you have done this before. They want proof that you have solved a previous client’s problem with the promise you put forward.

Two to three examples would be beneficial to have on hand, ones that relate to your current client would comfort them even more.

Step 4: Process

How do you intend to get your clients from the pain to the joy? My top tip, again you can pull out the post stick notes and get writing down what you can offer, worry about putting them in order after you have written them all down.

Signature System Summary

There you have it four steps for creating a signature system that sells. Psychologically people need to know exactly what the problem is that you will be solving.

This system has to be relatable to your client, and it has to talk about the pain that they are feeling, the frustration and fears that they are facing. If this information hasn’t gone in and you are more of a verbal than a visual learner, check out the video that explains this all here! 

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On my next video, we will be discussing how to break this process down into three separate systems, to triple your chances of your ideal client saying YES to YOU.





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