Gain some insight and tips, but it will not get you from 0 to six figures.

Get ready to deep dive into the most common mistake EVERY entrepreneur makes: the band-aid effect.

What is the band-aid effect?

The band-aid effect is where you are showing up and telling people how to solve their problems right away. You attempt to cram in all the coaching advice you can before they are even working with you, which is not possible.

You identify someone who has a huge challenge and you try to solve their problem. For example, they cannot obtain clients, so you do a LIVE video which explains how to obtain clients easily. You try to resolve their problem too quickly, which can cause them to walk away before buying anything from you.

This is a huge ERROR!

Firstly, it is not possible and secondly, you are creating a band-aid effect. You are putting a tiny band-aid over a gaping wound. These potential clients are walking away with false expectations and advice that they can use without actually buying from you.

You gave them the band-aid, and in their mind, they think this is the entire solution. Then when they put it into practice, it will work, but it will not solve their problem. It’s like eating a Mars bar for dinner, sure it will be work for 5-10 minutes, but you will end up being hungry again.

Are you falling into this trap?

Why do we do this?

I’m holding my hands up here and saying that I have done this in the past, so don’t feel like you are the only one if you do. In the past, when I have done this method (no matter how accidentally), I have fallen flat on my face, I’ve had to remind myself why I should not do it.

So why do we offer this?

We like to offer advice, and help solve problems. We see a problem, we know we can solve it and we offer advice. The problem is, potential clients might think that that advice is all you can offer.

How to avoid



You can dive into these two sections. Explore what the problem is, what the impact is, why there is a solution and why it is showing up. The symptoms and the causes.

Then you can move onto how. How much is enough?

You ensure that your client has clear expectations, ‘this is just the tip of the iceberg’, ‘this advice can help, but it will not solve the problem’.

You start with a few tips to build momentum, then you move into some of the how. 1…2…3 tips, that’s all you need to give your potential client, highlighting how it can solve one little bit but it will not resolve the entire problem.

Your clients need realistic expectations about what you can offer, do not let them walk away thinking that your advice is everything.

We all have a desire to help everyone, but a quick LIVE, social post or blog cannot answer all their problems. You need to work together to solve the problem accurately, and effectively.

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