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Client testimonials play a crucial part in any business, they play a key role in the psychology of social proof. An effective testimonial can be extremely beneficial to your business and plays a key role in persuading potential clients to seek your counsel.

Obtaining testimonials, raving fans and 5-star reviews are all key elements of social proof. Social proof is one of the fundamental reasons as to why someone will buy from you, and find you easy to buy from. Potential clients want to know that you have done this for other clients, that you can provide the service you are advertising and more importantly, that it works.

The more social proof you have, the easier you are to say yes to.

Why do we need testimonials?

Social proof is the reason why people buy from you. As mentioned in my previous blog, Facebook is like Trip Advisor, we rarely go anywhere or buy anything without some kind of review. We seek confirmation that the service or product we intend to purchase is worth our time and money.

What does it look like?

On the contrary to common misconceptions, it isn’t about getting a testimonial at the end once you have worked with someone. The fact is that the best testimonials, the best reviews, the best success stories happen during the client’s journey. That bit where they went from confusion to clarity, their ‘AH HA’ moment.

Those are the best times to obtain testimonials as they are real, they are authentic and they happen during the experience they have with you. When you wait and try to obtain the testimonial at the end, your client might have forgotten their ‘AH HA’ moment, or they might have forgotten how it impacted the rest of their journey.

Don’t wait till the very end.

Make it easy for your client

Make it easy for your client to hand over a testimonial. I think we make it so difficult to obtain testimonials, being asked ‘can you write a testimonial’ can be a daunting task for any client’. They have to think back across their entire journey, and this can result in them putting the task off.

How do I get a testimonial?

Three criteria

Be clear on your promise. Set expectations. This way your client will know exactly what to expect, and if you are exceeding these requirements.

Milestones. If you are your client agree on milestones you are able to set a timeline as to when and what needs to be done.

Questions. Make it easy for your clients to give you testimonials by asking questions that open them up to see what you have actually done for them. You want your clients to be eager to share their experiences with others. Be clear, be concise and make it easy for your clients to give you testimonials.


Gaining 5-star reviews is crucial for your business because it provides social proof that you can do exactly what you promised. Glowing testimonials make it’s it easier for your clients to say yes to you.

You want specific, clear results in a time frame, which is what you want people posting about. Make it easy, and ask the questions that will make it easy for your clients to give you a testimonial.

How important is a testimonial in your decision-making process? What do you do before you buy?

Keep it simple, keep it smart and keep it successful.

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