What does it mean?

So why is it so important to become irresistible to your ideal client? Well, let’s start off with the basics and define what irresistible in this context actually means. Irresistible in this context means that you are making it easy for your clients to say yes to you, and they have a very clear and specific reason for buying from you as well.

The most important aspect of becoming irresistible, however, is that you are giving your clients and potential clients an easy way to say YES to working with you (who doesn’t want that!)

Becoming irresistible should be a win, win for both you and your ideal client.

So, let’s cut right too it and I will share with you the three top tips, three snippets of advice you can use to become irresistible.

1. Your BIG promise

Many entrepreneurs will start by telling their clients HOW they will work together, but the truth of the matter is that your client probably doesn’t care. What they do care about is what you are promising the result is going to be for them. What will they be able to do, what transformation they will experience and what will they achieve at the end of their journey with you? So your big promise.

There are a few key elements to remember at this stage.

  • Be clear, for example, ‘By the end of this program you will be in a place where you can achieve consistent clients and you will have consistent revenue’.
  • Nothing about how you will work together
  • Focus on what your client will achieve
  • Use benefit driven language, for example, features is how you work together where the benefit is what is it in for your client

2. Change the conversation from ‘if’ to ‘how’

This has to be one of the biggest insights into irresistibility, and it actually disrupts everything that you have heard in the marketplace, which is all about creating a signature system and sell that. As you know from my signature system blog, creating one is important but you don’t make it the only one.

If you only make one offer to your potential client, just one way of working with you, then you direct the conversation to whether or not your potential client will work with you, you give them an ‘IF’ scenario. This scenario has a yes or no response, with studies showing that 70% of clients will say no. This process doesn’t make it easy to buy from you, it simply makes it easier for your client to say no.

So how do you stop this?

You can increase the chances of your client saying yes and working with you by offering a comparison. You do this by offering your client more ways to work with you, typically the optimal amount of offers would be three. Each offer or program has a specific promise attached to it. You can break it down to these three offers.

  • The big one
  • The medium one
  • The small one

Each of these offers has a very specific promise. Your clients should be clear on what benefits are involved when they work with you, and what they will actually get from each offer. Another advantage of this process is that it makes it easier to up-level to the next stage of working with you. The perfect way to retain clients.

3. Nurture your prospects, clients and more

Before you sigh in frustration, this step isn’t as hard as it sounds.  

Nurturing potential clients, current clients and clients who are no longer working with you. This might sound like a lot of hard work, but it really isn’t once you know how to handle it. I have a system and a way of doing this that eliminates the stress and is very, very, very easy to follow. This system does not take a lot of time, but what it does do is reassure the people around and make them feel truly valued.

If you are looking at the time before your ideal client buys from you, what can sometimes happen is that you might have a conversation and you make an offer, at times like this your client might respond no or not now. When this happens, you might have the tendency to leave them and classify it as the end of the interaction because they have said no.

I am here to say that this is not the best approach.

If they are your ideal client, and for whatever reason, they are just not ready to buy right now, you need to keep them around you. Keep engaging with them and keep adding value to them, so that they find it easy to reach out to you when the time is right for them. This also makes it easier for you to reach out to someone you have kept a connection with.

This process isn’t about consistently being in their inbox or in their face asking questions.

The reality is that the average is TWELVE contact attempts are needed before someone will actually buy from you. These touchpoints aren’t just about sending out a single email each week, it’s about creating an integrated approach which incorporates different elements. Keep interactions going, that way when they are ready to change they can easily reach out and engage with you.

There you have it, three steps in which you can become irresistible to your clients which you can put in place today.

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