Want help to build a wildly profitable coaching business? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. This blog post will delve into how businesses, like yours, can attract predictable high-paying clients by overcoming Confirmation bias.

The topic

I am going to discuss Confirmation bias, a topic that is close to my heart and the number 1 reason most coaches don’t have PREDICTABLE income. What we are going to look at is how some quick tips can help you get over this barrier of not obtaining clients, and move you towards setting your sales on fire.

What is stopping you from having a thriving business?

I want to help you eliminate uncertainty and self-doubt so that you CAN have a predictable attraction to high-paying clients. Together we can build your own wildly profitable coaching business without the need for expensive Facebook ads or complicated technology.

Let’s dive in!

Confirmation bias 

Confirmation bias is where you form an opinion, and from that opinion, you create a belief system. Then what you do, is you spend your time gathering evidence to support your belief.

I spent ages saying ‘I’m no good at tech’, was that true? NO.

It literally was that I had formed an opinion, I created a belief system out of it and I constantly gathered evidence to actually prove to myself that it was right.

For example, every time I touch some form of technology it breaks. Was that true? NO.

What happens is that you load yourself with the evidence that supports your opinion that you have formed, which is usually based on no hard factual evidence but you make it your reality.

There are certain times when this doesn’t have a big impact, but, when it’s against sales, the lifeblood of your coaching business, then you have a problem.

That confirmation bias and the belief system and all of the evidence that you’ve got supporting it is literally stopping you from working with your ideal clients.

How do you solve this problem?

I am going, to be honest, and say that I can only give you a couple of tips in this blog post, but the big awakening should occur for you when you ask yourself ‘do I have this confirmation bias in the sales side of my business?’

Keeping with the honesty, at the end of the day without clients you don’t have a business. Without high paying clients you’re not making enough money.

Let’s look at sales

Using sales as an example

  • Form an opinion: ‘I’m not good at sales’
  • Belief system: ‘I don’t want to be pushy’, ‘I don’t want to be sales-y’
  • Evidence: Not everyone says yes

At the end of the day, is that really valuable evidence? Not everyone should be saying yes to you if they are not your ideal client.

What you can do

I want you to sit down, and look at your sales. Write down the word ‘SALES’ in big bold letters at the top of your whiteboard, word document or piece of paper. Then create 20 reasons as to why you are GOOD at it.

Sit and think about why you would be good at sales, experiences from your past and present. Remember to be honest with yourself, and say to yourself ‘Is my confirmation bias stopping my business from being successful?’

Push forward.

Do you want to continue in your confirmation bias or are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and uncertainty? If you feel as though you are filled with self-doubt then reach out, send an email to me, a message on Facebook, or LinkedIn, whichever form of communication you feel confident using. Just take that step, reach out and together we can help gain your ideal clients.

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