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3 Reasons Why you Aren’t Getting More Sales Calls – And How to Fix Them

Sales calls. Discovery calls. Whatever you choose to call them, they’re absolutely vital to the health of your business. Trying to run a business without sales calls is like dating by sitting at home waiting for the perfect person to knock on your door – it doesn’t work.

Every sales call is a potential client, so the greater number of calls you’re making each week, the greater number of potential clients you’ll have the opportunity to work with. It’s a simple equation, and yet many entrepreneurs struggle through Groundhog Day-like cycle of feast and famine, barely making enough sales calls to even maintain their businesses, much less grow them.

So why does this happen? Why do so many businesses (like yours perhaps?) struggle to land clients? And more importantly, how can you break the cycle and shift from feast or famine, to a consistently growing buffet?

What follows are the three biggest challenges preventing you from getting enough sales calls, along with simple methods for fixing each one – fast.

Challenge #1: Uncertainty and Suspicion.

One of the most common human fears is the fear of the unknown. When a person doesn’t know exactly what’s about to happen in a given situation, base instincts kick in, and a “fight or flight” response is triggered. People are often reluctant to enter into interactions without a clear understanding of what will happen. This uncertainty comes about when the purpose of the sales call is not clearly explained up front. Adding to this uncertainty is a level of suspicion felt by many people toward businesses, particularly online – the idea that what you’re offering is “too good to be true.”

Fix #1: You Name It.

Give your sales call a name that clearly explains what exactly it’s about. The name you chose should focus on either: the result the prospective client can expect to receive at the end of the call, or the problem or issue the call is meant to address. Making the purpose of the call clear up front will go a long way to helping ease your prospective client’s fear and suspicion.

Challenge #2: What’s In It for Me?

It’s not something we like to admit, but when a person enters into any kind of business relationship, their focus is on the benefit(s) they’ll receive. WIIFM – “What’s in it for me?” They want to know exactly how taking the time to speak with you on a call will help them. In many cases, people may also have lingering fears about being caught in a “sales trap,” or being subjected to pushy sales tactics on the call.

Fix #2: The Benefit of Discussion.

It’s essential that you clearly highlight the specific benefits your prospective client will gain from the call. You do this by leading the conversation. When creating your benefits, consider some questions: How will the prospective client feel after the call? What action steps or tips for solving their problem will they be able to walk away with? What are the starting and ending points for the prospective client on the call? For example, you might begin the call by explaining the four key steps to get from “Where is my next client coming from?” to “A predictable stream of high paying clients.”

Challenge #3: When you Don’t Ask, the Answer is Always No.

One of the most common errors made by entrepreneurs on their sales calls is that they don’t ask enough people to get on a sales call. It really is that simple. The primary reason for this is fear – fear of rejection, and the fear that they won’t be able to lead the call confidently. This fear leads many entrepreneurs to believe that they don’t know how to ask, and as a result they create “disguised” offers, such as “free market research” or other methods for getting people on a sales call, without directly asking. The trouble with that is, it’s disingenuous. You are, in effect, getting someone on a sales call under false pretences – a situation no one wants.

Fix #3: When You DO Ask, the Answer Might be Yes.

In the same way that clearly outlining the purpose and benefits of a call can ease the fears of a prospective client, you need to ease your own fears as well. It’s true that a certain number of people will refuse to go on a sales call, but that percentage decreases as you consistently ask more people. Build your confidence by being 100% clear on how you can help people through your products or services. Most importantly – ASK. Be honest, authentic and consistent with people when you do so, using the fixes we’ve already discussed.

Those are the three most common challenges that lead to not enough sales calls, and strategies for addressing them. Do any of them sound familiar? Do you find yourself nodding with agreement at some of these challenges? If you’ve reached the breaking point, if 2018 didn’t live up to expectations, then it’s time to stop suffering in silence.

Entrepreneurs often feel that they have to solve everything on their own, but that’s not true. If you haven’t found the answers yet, it’s unlikely you’ll wake up with divine inspiration tomorrow morning. Suffering in silence is like trying to get out of a hole by digging – you’ll just end up deeper in the hole.

So now you’ve learned why you aren’t getting more sales calls, as well as some strategies to turn that around quickly. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more strategies and tactics you can use to really scale your coaching business to the levels you’ve dreamed about.

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