(How to Sell to Clients Easily Without Being Salesy or Pushy)

In the children’s story, “The Three Bears,” a little girl named Goldilocks enter’s a bear family’s home and samples three bowls of porridge that had been (rather conveniently) left out on a table.

The first bowl was too cold.

The second was too hot.

But the third… the third bowl was just right.

What does this have to do with selling without being pushy? The story is an excellent analogy for the way sales are often approached by entrepreneurs.

If business owners could be granted one wish, it’s likely that they would choose something along the lines of, “I want to be easy to say yes to.” Selling without selling is another way to put it. Being pushy when selling is uncomfortable for more than just the customer – business owners want to infuse their own values into their business, and most do not count pushiness or worse, manipulation among those values.

When sales become difficult, many business owners look to their sales process: their language, products and services, marketing, etc. They reinvent the wheel trying to figure out why their sales are not working, all the while overlooking the likely cause:

Their timing.

If, when interacting with a client, you ask for the sale too early, they’ll likely say no. You could also risk losing any future opportunities. Too late, and they’ve probably invested elsewhere. The key is to find that perfect time, when the client is actively looking for a solution. They’re ready to buy and don’t need to be convinced or pushed.

It’s called the Goldilocks Effect, and, if used correctly, it can make selling almost effortless.

So how do you determine that perfect time? Enter the Client Tracker.

You’ve likely heard people talk about the “customer journey” or something to that effect. This is simply the path a prospective client follows from a stranger to a customer and beyond. I developed my Client Tracker as a way to trace that path, and to determine the best time to ask for the sale.

The path begins when you and the prospective client and you become aware of each other. I call this the “Lead Stage.” This is the time to ask a series of predetermined questions. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about their “problem” and for them to learn more about you. Does the problem keep them up at night? Is it impacting their life negatively?

Asking for the sale at this point will likely result in a no, and possibly even the loss of a future opportunity. The prospective client’s “problem” is not yet big enough to justify an investment. To go back to our earlier analogy, the porridge is far too hot.

As you get to know your client better, and they get to know you, trust builds so that when they ARE ready to invest – when the problem has grown big enough that they’re ready to invest in a solution, you’re ready to step in and offer your solution. No pushing or prodding required.

However, the Client Tracker doesn’t just end with the sale. Following up with existing clients is vitally important, and something many businesses fail to do consistently. How did your solution help with their problem? Have they (or someone they know) encountered a new problem for which you might have a solution? This “post-sale” nurturing is powerful – it makes people feel less like a customer and more like a valued friend. It goes without saying that this can lead to more sales as past clients are far more likely to return to (and refer friends to) someone they trust.

As you can see, the Client Tracker helps you become more successful at sales, simply by asking when the client is ready and most likely to invest in a solution.

If your goal is to be easy to say yes to, then timing really is everything.

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