The One Thing that will Increase Sales without being Salesy

…that 90% of Coaches Don’t Do!

Coaches are driven to serve – it’s how we’re wired. Coaching is not an easy profession and the truth is, there are much easier ways to make money. However, few of those options offer the opportunities to help another person transform themselves, whether it be physically, emotionally or practically.

That desire to serve is powerful, but it has it’s issues as well. In a desire to serve in the fullest way possible, a great many coaches create expansive (and often expensive) programs to help people achieve the transformation they dream about.

These coaches pour their heart and souls into this one program – the panacea that will help their clients lose weight, or improve their relationships.

It sounds ideal doesn’t it? Put your full expertise into one carefully constructed program and unleash it on a grateful world…

Until it doesn’t sell. Unfortunately, that’s the outcome for a great many coaches.

For example, some time ago I worked with a coach who had spent thousands of dollars, and countless hours, on strategies and processes to build her perfect, 12-week coaching program. It was comprehensive, offering everything a client could want, and after five years… she had zero sales.

Why did it fail?

It failed because its sheer size and scope made it too difficult for the client to say, “yes.”

Monolithic, one-size-does-everything programs offer clients only one of two options: yes or no. While that might sound positive (it makes it easier for the client – fewer decisions!) in fact it often pushes them toward “no.”

There are so many moving parts and promises found within large programs that the client can become overwhelmed and even confused about what they’re getting. Additionally, the promises you’re making become diluted as they add up.

So how do you increase sales for your coaching services in a way that’s 100% aligned with your values and not “salesy?”

The solution is to create services that are not only easy to sell, but also easy to buy. This is done using the Rule of Three.

The Rule of Three

Offer your clients three different ways to work with you, each one progressively more involved than the next. Let’s call them the Kickstarter, the Milestone and the Total Transformation.

The Kickstarter: This is the entry level option. The objective here is to offer your client a way to deal with an immediate pain or issue. It’s not meant to be a transformation – it’s simply a starting point, an easily accessible option that will help them in the short term, and spark future coaching opportunities. Which brings us to…

The Milestone: This is a mid-range offering, a “big win.” For example, for a weight loss coach, this could be a target weight a client would like to reach. The idea here is to your clients a more involved option when working with you, but without the full commitment of a huge program. That’s reserved for…

The Total Transformation: This is it, the program that offers the largest final outcome for the client, and obviously the largest investment of time and money. For a weight loss coach, this final outcome could be reaching an ideal weight and them maintaining it over the long term.

Creating these three options requires some introspection on what it is you offer and what the final outcomes are. Here are a few tips:

  • Imagine the final result of your coaching, and work backward from there to develop each offer. How many steps are involved to reach each outcome?
  • For each offer, determine where your client is beginning, and where they will end up. (For example, taking a client from not knowing where their next customer is coming from, to a steady stream of high-paying clients.)
  • Ensure that your client understands (and can get excited by) the final destination or outcome, rather than getting caught up in the process of working together. That’s where confusion and overwhelm can set in.

The simple truth is, not every client is going to be ready to dive into the deep end of the pool. In fact, the majority won’t be. However, by offering them more than one way to work with you, you greatly increase the chances of them saying yes, and open up opportunities for future coaching.

Service to others is the hallmark of a coach, but by making use of the Rule of Three, you can better serve your clients and increase your sales, all while remaining 100% in alignment with your values. No salesy tactics required.

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