Celebrate Your Wins… All of Them

Do you celebrate your wins?

More to the point, do you celebrate ALL your wins? Not just the big ones – like that big ticket sale – but the smaller ones as well?

Many entrepreneurs, particularly coaches, fail to celebrate their successes, no matter what their size, and as a result, they start to become more and more scarce.

For example, a coach I know had the belief that unless people bought her larger packages, she shouldn’t be celebrating sales of her smaller packages. In mid-February she had a sudden realization that her business had already made 1500 Euros from those smaller sales… and that was only 15 days in! She hadn’t acknowledged any of those smaller sales, much less celebrated them, and as a result, didn’t see the success she had already achieved!

What this coach failed to realize was that a win is a win, no matter its size. The smaller wins are stepping stones to the larger ones. Those smaller sales are part of the process of building trust with your clients and they should be acknowledged and celebrated!

Here’s the key point: When a client invests monetarily, no matter what the level, they are simultaneously investing emotionally. They are signalling their willingness to see this through to the end, and they are signalling their trust in you to help guide them there. That investment is the beginning of an important relationship, and therefore it needs to be recognized.

When you celebrate every success, you create a kind of “positive feedback loop.” When you celebrate ALL your sales, your confidence and self esteem increases, which encourages you to reach out to more people, which in turn leads to even more sales and so on and so on…

In other words, acknowledging your wins is a path to creating more.

So why do we fail to recognize wins? Quite often, much like the coach I mentioned earlier, we assign a greater value to our “big ticket” sales than we do smaller successes and sales. Defining “success” so narrowly places the bar too high, and often we’ll move it higher and higher until it’s entirely unattainable. All the while, our confidence slips because we’re not acknowledging the successes we’ve already had, the many small steps we’ve taken to grow our businesses.

Personally, I’ll celebrate a 100 Euro sale as much as a 10,000 Euro sale. Both are equally worthy of acknowledgment and represent the growth of my business.

Celebrate ALL your wins, not just your big sales. Any forward movement in your business deserves to be recognized. It’s all a means to an end.

What wins have you had this week? Feel free to share yours in the comments.

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