Looking at the title of this post, you might be inclined to think that it’s a bold claim. You may even scoff at such an idea. It’s unachievable! I’m here to tell you that it IS achievable, as long as you follow four simple but powerful steps, and do so consistently.

Many entrepreneurs exist in an almost constant state of “feast or famine,” where they have no idea from one month to the next, even one week to the next, where their next client is coming from. It’s stressful and often overwhelming, and it makes it much more difficult to serve their clients fully.

Consistently following the steps I’m about to show you will allow you to set up a constant stream of incoming leads, eliminating the feast or famine issue at a stroke – without being salesy or relying on complicated technology and expensive ads. Ready? Let’s begin:

1. Know Your Promise

Your promise is the final result your client will walk away with after working with you. What’s the “value” of what you offer? Most people don’t really understand the true value of their program or service. Understanding your promise builds your confidence and boosts your prospective client’s trust that you can deliver. Once you have a clear idea of the value attached to your promise, you can then convert that to a monetary value – one that you are happy to charge and the client is happy to pay.

2. Harness the Power of Three

The power of three is a method for making your offer easy to say yes to. It does this by splitting your offer into three separate offers, each one expanding on the one before. This three-tier model offers your prospective client a choice, and increases the chances of them saying, “yes.” Consider: A single offer has a 50% of being successful (a yes/no proposition), but a three-tier offer has a 70% chance of being successful. The math speaks for itself.

3. Prove Your Work

Testimonials and reviews are powerful things. Most people won’t make purchases now without at least skimming the reviews and testimonials around a program. When you can prove how your program can transform people, they will be far more likely to say, “yes.” Many entrepreneurs dislike asking for testimonials, but in reality, if you exceed a client’s expectations, they’ll WANT to tell the world. So when is the best time to ask for a testimonial? Immediately follow a big win for your client. They’re excited and enthusiastic, and it’s likely they’ll need little prompting to provide a glowing testimonial.

4. Define Your Path

Your path refers to the way in which people can reach out to work with you. This requires a repeatable and dependable lead generation system. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. It simply means you need to have clear methods for people to work with you. These methods need not involve expensive ads or complicated funnels – being active on social media, and using a mailing list are two inexpensive (even free) methods. The more ways people have to connect and work with you, the better. The simple truth is, these four strategies work, BUT… they only work when used consistently, and that’s probably the most important takeaway of all. Any strategy you use in your business must be used consistently in order to see results. Want to learn more? Not sure where to begin? Here are 4 different ways I can help you grow your coaching business:

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