" /> Set Your Prices With Confidence - Marie Rodgers

In my experience working with coaches of all types, one issue seems to come up again and again: They aren’t confident in their pricing and as a result, they underprice themselves. This chronic underpricing leads to a less-than successful business, partly because the coach is not bringing in enough income to justify the work and time involved, but also because the underlying lack of confidence makes selling programs difficult if not impossible.

More often than not, when coaches are setting up their pricing, they pull numbers out of the air, numbers that “feel right,” but in reality, are often far too low.

I’d like to share with you 3 keys for setting your prices with confidence, and for profit. There’s no hand-waving or “pricing-by-feel.” This is a very simple but powerful method for determining the best pricing for your programs.

1. What’s the cost to your ideal client of not working with you?

The prospective client has come to you with some issue – an issue that your program can help them solve. What’s the cost of them NOT fixing that issue? What will it mean for them physically, emotionally even financially? How will it affect their relationships?

2. What’s the client’s return on their investment?

When the client reaches the end of their time working with you, what will they walk away with? What will they be able to do/feel/see/etc. that they couldn’t before? If a client spends $3,000 to work with you, what will that $3,000 get them? Getting clear on this is essential for selling your program in the first place, as well as for working out pricing.

3. What are your perspective client’s “hot buttons?”

Hot buttons are issues that resonate with your prospective clients. These represent where they are and where they want to be. There are 4 main types:

  • Fears – What fears are keeping your clients stuck? (Fear of sales, fear of failure, fear of success, etc.)
  • Frustrations – What frustrations do your clients have that prevents them from moving forward? (Technology, no support, etc.)
  • True wants – What do your clients really want right now? Not in the future, at this moment. (A clear path forward, sufficient monthly sales to survive, etc.)
  • Aspirations – What are your client’s long term aspirations? (A six-figure business, specific long-term health goals, etc.)

As you try to answer these questions, think of them relative to your particular niche and how your work can address them. If you’ve been pulling random numbers out of the air for your pricing, it’s time to stop and take a more methodical approach. The questions I’ve provided here will give you a framework within which to price yourself with confidence.

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