" /> 3 Ways To "Pimp" Your Content - Marie Rodgers

It’s a scenario familiar to many an entrepreneur – working like a dog to create content every week, staring at a blank screen, wondering, “What the feck am I going to talk/write about?”

The result of this delightful process is usually overwhelm, stress, obsession with likes and comments and eventually, burnout.

And if to add insult to injury, all too often your hard work ends in little engagement, and even fewer clients!

The fact is, you’re probably spending more time creating content than you are… actually doing the work that you started your business to do.

That may not be the definition of insanity, but it’s a pretty good runner-up.

The good news is, there’s a better way. It takes a LOT less time (how does 60 minutes per week sound?), helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field, allows you to attract high-paying, enthusiastic clients and it makes the process fun. Maybe most importantly, it frees you up to do what you do best – create transformations in your clients!

So what exactly is this better way? I like to call it, “pimping your content.” Through my paid Sales on Fire Elite group, I take members through the 9 key principles for pimping your content, but for our purposes here, I’m going to outline 3 of the easiest-to-implement principles that you can use today to get more out of your content creation – without burning out in the process.

1. Play To Your Strengths

When it comes to creating content, each of us has a format in which we feel most comfortable. This can be through videos, audio or the written word. Figure out which format you’re most comfortable in and use that as the default for your content creation efforts. Hate video? Try written posts. Writing not your strong-suit? Live videos or even podcasting may be your thing, and so on.

2. Lock And Load

Once you’ve identified your strength, repurpose that piece of content in as many ways as you can. For example, one of my weekly livestreams will, through repurposing, generate around 24 discrete pieces of content in other formats, from emails to blog posts – like the one you’re reading right now. Save even more time (and stress) by outsourcing the repurposing duties to a freelancer or someone you trust. You’ll get more while doing less.

3. Be Like Frank Sinatra

No I don’t mean that you should become a Las Vegas crooner and reinvent the Rat Pack. I’m suggesting that you follow the advice given by “The Chairman” in one of his most famous songs, “…I did it my way!” Resist the urge to do what others are doing. Develop your own style, your own way of communicating, and use it throughout your content. Doing so will help you rise above the background noise and help your ideal clients find you. If you follow these three principles on a consistent basis, you’ll find yourself with greater engagement, more clients searching you out to work with you and, of course, more time to serve those clients.

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