" /> 3 Clues to Finding your Niche and Ideal Clients - Marie Rodgers

When you first start your coaching business, you’re just so excited to get started! You’ve identified your niche and the issue(s) that you solve for your clients, so you hang out your shingle and start talking to people… only to discover that a LOT of other coaches are saying the same things you are. You wanted to stand out, but instead, you’ve become part of the noise.

This is an issue that happens to a lot of coaches, especially early on, and it’s caused primarily by a failure to “niche down” enough. When you don’t niche down enough, you end up with a LOT of competition – people saying the same things you are, offering the same or similar results and talking to the same people. The last thing you want to do is follow the herd, so you tear your hair out trying to figure out how to say exactly the same thing in a marginally different way. Potential clients have difficulty telling one from the other, and as a result, it becomes hard to sell However, when you’ve niched down enough, you stand out from the crowd, mainly because “the crowd” is much smaller. It may seem counter intuitive, but having a smaller, more focused audience is BETTER for your business. You can position yourself as a leader and an expert in your very specific field. Clients feel more understood because your solutions are NOT for everyone. Offering broad solutions that target everyone is like expecting someone to wear a large sweater when they’re a size small – it does the job, but it’s far from ideal. The simple truth is, when you niche down sufficiently, clients buy with ease. I have a 7-step process for “niching down” your business… which is too complex to go into fully here, but I can share with you three questions you can ask to help you start the process:

1. “Do I really, passionately want to work with my clients?”

Do you jump out of bed, eager to help them transform their lives? Is it a driving passion for you? If it’s anything less, you need to rethink what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for.

2. “Can I truly deliver on the promises I’m making?”

Are you honestly able to take your clients from where they are currently (struggling with their specific issues) and guide them through a transformation that will blow their minds, exceed their expectations and make them sing your praises?

3. “Can they pay for it?”

This is the one many people miss. Are your ideal clients in a position to pay for the transformations you offer? If not, you’ll have to convince them to invest in your services, and that leads to hard-selling, exactly what we want to avoid. Honestly answering these three questions should start you on the path to identifying and then serving your ideal clients in the most effective way possible. Want to learn more about niching down you business? and ? Here are 4 different ways I can help:

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