" /> How to Build a Profitable Business, 30 Minutes per Day - Marie Rodgers

A bold promise isn’t it? In fact, it sounds like a lot of the bold (and dare I say implausible) claims you hear about on the internet all the time:

“Workout for 17 seconds a day to lose 600 pounds!”

“Gain 1000s of clients by simply doing this one thing!”

…and so on and so on.

So why am I following this troubling trend? Well, my statement has the virtue of being true, but of course, there’s a catch.

The catch is: it’s 30 minutes of consistent sales activity each day.

How much time do you spend dedicated to getting new clients? (reaching out, etc.) How much time per day? Per week?

Is it something you avoid? A “necessary evil” that you only tackle when you HAVE to? Something that makes you feel uncomfortable ever time you do it?

If so, here’s a reality check: If you’re not willing to go out and find your dream client, they aren’t going to magically come to you. “If you build it they will come” is a great movie line, but it makes a terrible strategy for creating a profitable business.

You’ve probably heard the adage that consistency is the key to a profitable business. Well, that’s partially right.

The REAL key is consistency… of sales actions. It comes down to consistently taking at least 30 minutes every day to identify your ideal clients, build relationships with them and ASK THEM TO BE YOUR CLIENTS.

That does NOT mean you need to show up as salesy or pushy. It’s about building genuine relationships, finding people who appear to be having problems you can solve and offering advice to help them. It’s about getting to know your dream clients before you ever start “working” together.

Let’s look at three powerful “sales actions:”

Identifying your dream clients.

Through your Facebook groups and other online spaces, you should be on the lookout for people who are talking about problems you can solve.

Getting to know potential clients.

Online, this can happen through comments, chats, Facebook Lives, etc. During this process, you aren’t selling anything directly, you’re simply getting to know these people, building trust and determining if you’re both a good fit. (This process goes both ways.)

Reaching out to those dream clients.

If, over time, you determine that someone IS a dream client, it’s time to get transparent and tell them that. No pushing, no slimy sales tactics, just an honest desire to help that could (and more than likely will) end with you both working together.

Why is doing this consistently so important? First of all, you’ll begin to get more comfortable with sales and talking to clients. Secondly, you’re playing into the Law of Averages – the more you ask, the more likely you’ll get a “Yes.”

Let me leave you with a sobering statistic: Only 2% of sales are made on the first meeting/attempt. In fact, in this age of better-informed consumers, it takes, on average, 12 attempts for someone to decide to be your client.

Nurturing client relationships isn’t just an means to an end (sales). It has to built on a foundation of trust and a sincere desire to help people solve problems – problems you can help them with, using your unique skills and experience.

30 minutes a day of consistent sales actions is all it takes to build not just a business, but a profitable and fulfilling business.

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