" /> Why Your Discovery Calls Are Going Nowhere - Marie Rodgers

Picture the scene:

You’re a coach on a discovery call with a prospective client. Not long into the call, it becomes obvious that this person is your ideal client – they have an issue that you can solve, and you even tell them how you can help them with their issue. However, as the call comes to an end, instead of the prospect saying:

“Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get started! What’s the next step?”

What you get instead is something like:

“Thank you so much! This is really helpful and I’ve got an action plan now for dealing with this.”

And then the call just… ends.

No sign up. No next steps. No eagerness to begin.

It’s frustrating, and it starts all kinds of unproductive thoughts:

“Was it something I said or did?”

“Was it something I DIDN’T say or do?”

Quite often a pattern can begin to form where your ideal clients are showing up on discovery calls and then leaving with a great action plan, but no commitment to work with you.

Let’s get real for a moment: You got into coaching because you wanted to coach people with specific issues – not to become a master sales person.

When you fall into the pattern of discovery calls that go nowhere, it can feel like you’re left with a choice:

Do you continue being a “nice” person who never makes a sale? Or do you become a kind of “hustler” who makes the sales and as a result builds a profitable business?

For most people, that’s not a decision they feel comfortable making.

I’ve discovered that discovery calls can feel particularly challenging, especially if you’re a good coach who truly wants to serve. This is nearly always the case unless you have two very specific frameworks.

There are two primary reasons for this:

They’re not ready to buy.

Talking to people who were never going to buy from you anyway – people who just aren’t ready to buy is a study in futility. I have a simple rule: I only talk to people who are actively looking for a solution and are ready to buy. I call that framework the “Ideal Prospect Pipeline.”

No structure in your discovery calls.

Unless you have a proven process or methodology for the call, it can feel haphazard – like you’re just giving away information and getting nothing in return. I have another framework for dealing with that called, “7 Steps to Yes.”

I’ve decided to make my “7 Steps to Yes” framework available to those who are struggling to make their discovery calls work. You can get your copy here. [LINK: http://www.marierodgers.com]

Ideally, a discovery call is an opportunity to determine if you and your prospective client are a good fit, and for you to demonstrate exactly how you can best serve. Making use of my “7 steps” will help you take your discovery calls from frustrating to fantastic.

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