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A great many entrepreneurs start their ventures with lots of enthusiasm. They’re confident that they have a killer product or service, and all that remains is to tell the world about it.

So the entrepreneur builds the website/Facebook group and starts creating ads, and then waits patiently for the customers to start pouring in…

Only the clients don’t pour in. The barely trickle.

Have you ever experienced this? The early days of any business can seem like an uphill struggle. Your near-empty appointment book and equally near-empty bank account can leave you feeling like the world’s best kept secret. You start feeling as if you’re invisible.

Soon panic sets in and you start searching for a “magic bullet,” a solution that will solve all your worries. You switch from one “solution” to another, never gaining any traction. Finally, you reach a point where you feel like you may have to throw in the towel.

It’s demoralizing and frustrating.

The real cost of a faltering business isn’t just your lack of sales – it’s the ideal clients who won’t benefit from what you can offer them.

What you’re seeking is not a magic bullet, but it is the holy grail of entrepreneurship: Getting more clients with ease.

On average, 70% of an entrepreneur’s time is spent trying to get new clients. The remaining 30% is spent serving those clients. This is not only unsustainable, it’s incredibly inefficient.

The goal must be to spend 70% of your time SERVING clients, and 30% on getting new clients.

When you’re able to master this skill, several things happen in your business:

  • You shift from invisible to a undisputed leader in your field.
  • Your appointment book fills up. (Along with your bank account!)
  • You feel confident and passionate about what you do and what you offer your clients.

We’ve all heard the statistic that over 50% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 4 years, but it’s far more interesting to note that out of that 50%:

  • 20% fail because of too much competition.
  • 18% fail due to entrepreneurs not being confident in their pricing

So how do you go about getting clients with ease? There are three principles that need to be implemented consistently in order to work:

1. Niche your niche.

This is where you can stand out from the crowd. Hyperfocus the work that you do and the solutions you provide. This allows you to stand out, mainly because “the crowd” is much smaller. You can position yourself as a leader and an expert in your very specific field. Clients feel more understood because your solutions are NOT for everyone.

2. Harness the Power of Three

If you only present the client with a single offer, there is a 70% chance they will say, ‘No.” Giving them three separate offers at different price points creates choice for the client and changes the conversation from “IF we’ll together,” to “HOW we’ll work together.”

3. Confidently lead the conversation.

Many entrepreneurs fail to take the lead when talking with clients, with results in meandering conversations that feel awkward and go nowhere. You’re left wondering when to ask for the sale, and when you do, it seems to come ut of nowhere. The client should always do most of the talking, while you guide them with leading questions. Follow the 30/70 rule: 30% of the time you should be talking, 70% of the time the client should be speaking.

These three simple principles – when used consistently – will help you shift from a “70/30 selling/serving” situation, to one that’s “70/30 serving/selling.”

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