" /> How to Avoid the “Field of Dreams” Trap - Marie Rodgers

“If you build it, they will come…”

You probably recognize that line from the 1989 baseball film, “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner. It’s a powerful idea in the film, but it’s more problematic when it’s used in business.

Far too many entrepreneurs get stuck in a “Field of Dreams” mentality – the idea that if they simply build a great website, or publish a fantastic blog post, customers will be automatically attracted to it.

As a result, they spend endless hours building that perfect website/blog post/etc., and then sit back and wait for the deluge of new customers, only to be frustrated when no such deluge appears.

The problem of course, is that simply building something and waiting for people to notice it – without reaching out – is a flawed strategy, particularly online.  

Want proof? Take the creation of a website. It’s estimated that approximately six websites are launched on the internet every second. That means that about 180 websites were launched in the time it took you to read this far. What are the odds that your ideal customer will stumble across YOURS?

The simple truth is this: If you’re not spending at least 30 minutes a day reaching out to your ideal customers, you’re almost certainly headed for little to no sales, frustration and possibly burnout.

But how exactly do you “reach out” to prospective clients? Here are three steps to being more proactive in your business:

1. Identify your ideal client and why you want to work with them.

You need to know who it is you want to work with in as much detail as possible. This information can come from various sources, such as past clients and people who interact with your content on social media.

2. Get on THEIR radar.

Social media is a great way to build rapport and connection with prospective customers, and to help them get to know YOU. Remember that this process is not about sales – it’s about connection.

3. Connect with them authentically.

Once you start getting to know each other, it becomes MUCH easier to eventually invite them to a sales call. In fact, by the time you get to the sales call, half your work is done already. You’ve built trust and credibility with your prospective client, and you’ve learned a great deal about their needs and the problems they face.

The sales call itself is another area where people often stumble. Many entrepreneurs rely on an outdated sales model, one that puts emphasis on “convincing” a prospective client to work with you. This model feels awkward and pushy, and is becoming less effective as clients become more savvy and are less inclined to be “sold to.”

The alternative involves a complete reversal of the old sales model. It puts the emphasis on creating connection and building trust, placing “closing the sale” as almost a formality at the end of the sales call. It’s best illustrated by the following breakdown, indicating the percentage of time each area should be given in a typical call:

40% – Building trust with the client.

30% – Exploring the prospective client’s specific needs.

20% – Presenting what you do and how you can help.

10% – Closing the sale.

This model leads to a much more comfortable conversation for both entrepreneur and prospective client, and greatly increases the chance of making a sale.

If you’ve built all the necessary parts of your business but you’re still not getting sales, it’s very likely you aren’t reaching out to clients enough. “If you build it, they will come” is a great movie line, but it’s a terrible business strategy.

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