" /> Why Coaches Go From Clarity to Confusion - Marie Rodgers

Consider the following statement:

“A confused mind never buys.”

If you think about it, it makes a great deal of sense. When you’re confused, you can’t make a purchase with confidence. You aren’t sure what you’re getting, and as a result, your better judgement steps in and prevents you from making what could be a big – not to mention costly – mistake.

The trouble is, this is the number one mistake I see coaches making – they drift from clarity… to confusion.

Clarity begins when you start your business. It may not always seem like it, but at the beginning, you have a pretty clear idea of who you are and what you do. 

Then you start your business and you start researching, listening to this business guru and that expert, downloading advice and guidance from a thousand different sources. What results is a kind of snowball effect, as all this different (and sometimes conflicting) advice takes you off from your original course, and into a world of overwhelm and confusion.

Let me provide an example. 

I recently had a conversation with Nicola, a client of mine. I asked her to describe her ideal clients. By the time she was finished, I realized it would have been faster to ask who she DIDN’T work with! Nicola had listed so many entirely different kinds of clients, it was obvious that she was spread too thin. In fact, she was so focused on trying to please everyone that she was seriously undercharging for her services. When I then asked her, “What’s the number one problem you solve?” once again I got multiple answers.

The confusion here is caused by not being certain about the niche you’re working in, and the problem that you solve. If you’re confused about that, you can be sure your clients will be confused about what you do/how you can help, and as we’ve already established, a confused mind never buys. You can see the problem.

Nicola’s background is in financial planning, and she has years of corporate experience that she’s now transitioning into her own online coaching business. Despite all this experience, she still wasn’t 100% clear on who she wanted to work with or the #1 problem she solved for her clients.

Here’s an exercise I give her to help, and I offer it to you as well.

Note: I was able to walk Nicola through this exercise as I was walking my dogs, it’s that simple. After about an hour, she had niched down sufficiently to give herself massive clarity once again. Ready?

First, get yourself a piece of paper and a pen. On the left-hand side of the page, write down these three questions, leaving room to answer each:

  1. Who do you LOVE working with?

Now, notice I didn’t ask, “Who CAN you work with?” The idea here is to focus on one characteristic, one trait that when you find it, you think, “Oh yes, I can help this person!” Be specific, and focus on ONE for the moment.

  1. Can you REALLY solve their problem?

Using the information from the first question, ask yourself, “How do you help those people?” Usually, this will be worded like, “I can take someone from [PROBLEM] to [RESULT].”

  1. Can they pay you (and will they)?

This is crucial. There may be many people that you can help, however they either aren’t committed enough to the process to want to invest, or they simply are unable to invest in your services. It’s important to determine this when identifying who you work with.

This simple exercise is one of four that I use with my own clients to help them regain clarity from confusion. If you’re feeling the overwhelm of too much advice and information, feel free to use this as a starting point to get back on track.

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Discover the 7 steps that’s generated millions in sales over the last seven years, used by both myself and my clients to create powerful, highly converting client calls.

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