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Quite often I ask my clients how many calls they need to have with a prospect before conversion happens. (aka, a sale)

Normally when I ask this, my client will pull a number out of the air, because they really don’t know. This is entirely understandable because it’s something entrepreneurs don’t normally think about.

Conversations are important because it’s through these that prospects get to know, trust and eventually buy from you – and let’s face it, that’s the purpose of being in business!

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard about:

– Discovery calls

– Market research calls

– Strategy calls

… and who knows how many more. The result is total confusion. Is this a strategy call? Or is it a discovery call? What’s the difference? Does it even matter?

The simple truth is, if you are speaking to a prospect with the goal of having them work with you, it’s a “conversion conversation.” Nice and simple, no confusing “discovery-market-strategy” whatever.

The purpose of a conversion conversation is to help your prospective client understand how working with you will transform their lives, or get them from where they are now (problem) to where they want to be (solution).

If you don’t handle these calls properly, what you end up with is something that’s awkward and largely ineffective. 

Imagine talking to a prospect who’s not certain what the purpose of the call actually is. You start talking about your offers and your prospect responds with… silence. They weren’t expecting this to be a sales call, and now the entire conversation has gone awkward.

Alternatively, you could have a call where your prospect talks about their problem, and you offer up solutions for them, which they happily snap up and then disappear without ever even approaching the subject of paying you.

No matter which trap you fall into, it’s no way to run a business.

Here’s the truly ironic part: Most people nowadays are reluctant to get on a call with someone because they fear being “sold to.” But it’s not really the sales conversation that causes that reaction…

It’s because sales conversations are often “disguised” as discovery calls, strategy sessions, or some other euphemistic language.

So how do you avoid the awkwardness and get the most out of your time talking with prospects?

Talk twice, sell once.

I always coach my clients that they should have TWO conversations with a prospective client before they buy. The first call is a kind of “matchmaker call.” The idea is simply to determine if you’re a good fit for each other. That call should be, at most, 20 minutes long. At the end, you both decide whether to have a second call about working together. This two-step approach actually SAVES time in the long run, as you can quickly determine whether a second “conversion conversation” is even necessary. 

Always be upfront with your prospect that you’re going to have a conversation about the possibility of you working together before the call begins. This ensures you both understand the purpose of the call, and removes any feelings of awkwardness.

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Discover the 7 steps that’s generated millions in sales over the last seven years, used by both myself and my clients to create powerful, highly converting client calls.

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