" /> Two Words that are Holding You Back - Marie Rodgers

Consider the following:

There are approximately 7.5 billion people on this planet right now.

Out of that staggering number, I believe that at least 10,000 of those people are struggling with a problem that YOU are uniquely equipped to help them with.

The problem is, most of those people don’t know you exist!

Now imagine if, for the next 12 months, you just helped 1% of those 10,000 people. Remember that as an online coach, you can world worldwide as long as you have a common language.

In a previous livestream I gave you a breakdown of the people you’ll communicate with and their likeliness to buy:

15% – Are ready to buy from you right now.

35% – Will buy from you in the next 18 months.

50% – Will never buy from you at all.

So that means that out of the 1% of 10,000 you want to help, 15% of THOSE are ready and willing to buy and work with you right now.

Finding the prospects who are ready to buy is not the difficult part. The challenge is in converting them into paying clients.

Unfortunately, there is something that stops a great many coaches from reaching the point where they can easy attract and convert prospects into clients, and it can be summed up in two words:

Self doubt.

Those two simple words are capable of stopping your business growth in it’s tracks. When you suffer from self doubt, you struggle in two distinct ways:

  1. You don’t feel good enough. No matter how much you pump yourself up, you always have that nagging feeling of unworthiness, as if your solution isn’t really worth anyone’s time. That comes through in your messaging and your sales calls, which hampers your ability convert.
  2. You wait for people to find you. You stop reaching out to potential clients. Your self doubt sets you in a pattern of passivity in all your marketing, in the hopes that someone might stumble across your post and reach out. The 15% who are ready to buy however, likely will never find you and will end up working with someone else.

Self doubt puts you in an impossible position for trying to run a business. It’s like wanting to begin dating, but never going out to meet people.

Take my client Simona as an example. She was working full time as a lawyer in the corporate world, but also had a small business, a business that was sporadic at best. She couldn’t get enough clients to make the business successful, and so she was forced to stay in her corporate job.

The problem of course, was self doubt. Simona didn’t believe she was good enough, and as a result never really did any of the things that would get her business off the ground.

When we met, we immediately niched her niche, narrowing the focus of her business. We worked on building irresistible offers using the Power of Three and more, all with the goal of breaking down her self doubt and positioning herself and her business for success. Within a couple of months, Simona was able to leave her full time job and focus fully on her coaching business. 

Here’s the kicker: In her first year, Simona made more in her coaching business than she did in her full time job as a lawyer!

If deep down you feel like your not enough, if you’re not reaching out to prospects, if the success is not happening, you need to acknowledge that self doubt is holding you back. Once you do that, you can start taking steps toward eliminating that little “devil on your shoulder” once and for all.

The clients are out there – the 15% who are ready to buy and the 35% who will be soon – all you have to do is go find them, because they won’t come find you.

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Discover the 7 steps that’s generated millions in sales over the last seven years, used by both myself and my clients to create powerful, highly converting client calls.

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