" /> From Invisible to Invincible - Marie Rodgers

Do you feel invisible?

Sadly, many coaches do. No matter how skilled they may be, they still feel like the world’s best-kept secret. Aside from a handful of past clients who rave about what they do, these coaches still feel unrecognized, which translates to too few sales and struggle in their business.

The opposite side of that coin, of course, is a feeling of invincibility. These coaches feel valued, appreciated and recognized for the work they do. They have a constant stream of clients and prospective clients eager to work with them.

If you’re reading these words, it’s likely that your experience has been more with the former than the latter, but that’s ok – I’m here to help you make the shift!

But wait, there’s more…


There’s an extra downside to feeling invisible (as if you needed another one!) Because you feel like the world’s best-kept secret, you often engage in something called “spray and pray,” constantly trying to justify who you are and what you do, adding clumsy explanation after clumsy explanation. To prospective clients, it can appear as if you’re not confident in the coaching space, which can drive them away – if you’re not confident, why should they be?

However, when you feel invincible, there’s no need to justify. People know who you are and what you do, and you display the confidence of someone who is exactly where they need to be.


The path to invincibility may look familiar

What follows are three facets of a truly invincible entrepreneur. They also make up the basic tenets of branding. Following these steps on a consistent basis will help you elevate yourself out of a sea of competition to become a market of one. Simply put, these steps are how you go from invisible to invincible.


1. Be seen as an expert in your field.

This might sound obvious, but there’s a specific way to go about this. Far too many coaches try to cover too many subjects at once, hoping that doing so will net them more clients. However, when you spread your expertise too thinly, it only serves to confuse prospective clients, and as I often say, “a confused mind never buys.” You must FOCUS on one area and make that your speciality. Doing so will help you become an expert in that area and will actually INCREASE the number of prospective clients, not limit them. You MUST “niche your niche.” Remember, If you’re focusing on more than one thing, then you’re focusing on nothing.


2. Be consistent with that message.

Once you decide on the area you’re going to focus on, it’s essential to be consistent with your messaging around that subject. For example, my client Maria, who has become a recognized expert on narcissistic relationships consistently talks about that and ONLY that. She doesn’t suddenly start talking about NLP, or hypnotherapy. Doing so would dilute her message and her expertise.


3. Infuse your beliefs into your messaging.

Here’s a fact: Your beliefs will either attract or repel clients. Your ideal clients have beliefs very similar to yours. For example, one of my beliefs is that “business should be fun.” As a result, my ideal clients feel the same way. Those that don’t feel that way are not my ideal clients, and aren’t people that I’d work with – and that’s OK. People will be attracted to those who believe as they do, so if you’re clear about what you believe around your particular niche, you’ll attract clients who feel the same. The benefit here is that it helps to automatically “screen out” prospective clients who wouldn’t have been a good fit anyway.


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