" /> How to Shift your Prospects from Curious to Committed - Marie Rodgers

What gets your prospects from curious about what you do… to committed to working with you?


It comes down to one word: “Convinced”


The path from prospect to client looks like this:


– Your prospect is curious about you and what you offer.

– They become “convinced” that you are the person who can help them with a problem they want to solve.

– They commit to working with you and getting the results they desire.


The word “convince” is important here because if people aren’t convinced that you’re the right choice, or that what you offer can help them, they simply won’t buy.


Note: The word “committed” doesn’t just mean, “committed to becoming your client.” It has to go deeper than that: “committed to the effort and work that’s required, when working with you, to solve their problem.”


What happens if you don’t get this right?


You get “ghosted.”

Prospects hear about what you do and say, “That sounds really great!” They’re curious, maybe even intrigued, but because they aren’t convinced, they back away when you try to pin them down for a call. They ghost you and in some cases, end up buying from someone else – someone who was able to convert their curiosity into a convincing reason to commit.


You attract the “freebie hunters.”

These folks have no issue getting on a call with you. That’s because they’re looking for whatever free training, resources, etc. they can get from you before disappearing again.


It keeps you in the feast/famine cycle.

When you’re not bringing enough prospects from curious to convinced, you’re never really sure where your next client is coming from.


So… you now know the perils of getting it wrong. How exactly do you get it right? What follows are tips that I have used with every single one of my clients.


1. Prospects need to be very clear about WHY they should buy from you.

One of the best ways to get people curious about what you do is to stand out from your competition. How? By niching your niche. Hyper focusing your area of expertise will help you go from “yet another relationship coach” to “a coach specializing in helping people in narcissistic relationships” for example. You become a market of one.


2. Provide a very clear promise and path.

Remember: People buy with emotion and justify with logic. Many coaches are 100% clear about the logistics of their programs, but not so clear on the path and the promise of working with them. How will they FEEL as a result of working with you? How will you help them transform themselves or their lives? Where are they starting from (the problem) and where are you taking them (the solution)?


3. Ask with confidence.

Many coaches struggle with confidently asking a prospect to become a client. They have awkward conversations, or they stick on as an afterthought at the end of a sales call. Worse still, some don’t ask at all in the hopes that the prospect will be so dazzled by the coach’s presentation that they’re clamouring to sign up. What’s needed is the Power of Three – a powerful way of presenting a multi-tiered offer that makes it easier for prospects to say “Yes” to.


Helping your prospective clients shift from curious to convinced and then committed is vital to creating a growing your coaching business. Doing will provide you with more opportunities to do what you do best – serve your clients and help them transform themselves and their lives.



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