Case Study

Harvey Donaldson and Gibson Chartered Surveyors


Harvey Donaldson and Gibson are one of the largest specialist residential surveying practises in Scotland. This well regarded and trusted organisation has helped thousands of sellers across the country to get their properties ready for sale. Their popularity is highlighted by the 7,000 Scottish home reports they issued in 2011.

They have recently added to their portfolio of products, unfortunately, they had low sales which meant they needed assistance in this matter.

Issues to be resolved

Harvey Donaldson and Gibson (HDG) recently launched a brand new product, the home report. All homes for sale in Scotland require a Home Report, which makes this an extremely competitive market to enter. The main issue HDG faced was low conversion rates, as they were averaging a mere 7%. Their overall goal was to increase the rate to a minimum of 25%.

Actions taken

I was contacted to help increase conversion rates by training a member of HDG, Stephanie, in the art of sales. She had no sales training, therefore a customised sales program was created specifically for her. We had four sessions together wherein which we had the sales on fire talk. We utilised the sales on fire system, which puts emphasis on being easy to buy from.


Due to the customised approach, and how quickly Stephanie grasped the concept, within 3 months HDG were generating a conversion rate of over 50% and they have remained stable since. In the last 12 months, their average conversion rate has been 48%.

They went from 0 to earning £25,000 worth of sales revenue every single month in the last year.

Next steps

The sales steps put in place for the home report section has impressed the rest of the business, therefore HDG will be getting the other sectors of the business to be easy to buy from. Everyone is looking towards Stephanie as an example as she shows that you do not have to change your entire character in order to be in sales.

Jonathan: ‘Marie was able to simplify everything down for Stephanie, and she opened my eyes to be easy to buy from. We loved the customised support, no death by PowerPoint here, and the overall experience was fun and relatable.’