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How would it feel to be so Easy to Say YES to,
that you have a NeverEnding flow of perfect-fit clients
eager to work with you and buy from you?

Want your FREE copy of my secret weapon to hearing “YES” again and again…without feeling pushy or salesy?

Hi I’m Marie ..


Let’s begin at the beginning… In 2010 I was working for a well known advertising company. I’d worked my way up from sales consultant to sales troubleshooter, turning underachieving sales teams into sales superstars all over the UK. However, something wasn’t right. I felt unfulfilled and knew I wanted (and deserved) more, so I started my first business: Total Sales Solutions. I’ve had fantastic success through that venture, helping my clients to increase sales using my client conversion system which has knowingly produced multi million pounds in revenue.

And yet… something still wasn’t right. I was crippled with self doubt, had a chronic case of second-guessing and constantly felt that I wasn’t good enough despite the evidence that I was. As a result, I never charged what I was truly worth so cash flow was a struggle.

I missed family events because I was “too busy,” but didn’t have the sales or cashflow to justify the workload. I told everyone (and myself) that success was just around the corner, and yet I teetered on the verge of burnout. I finally came to the conclusion that I was simply building another people-pleasing “job” that put everyone else’s dream ahead of my own.

What followed were tough decisions and investment in myself… and the result was an EXPLOSION in my business! Total Sales Solutions is thriving, I charge what I’m worth (yeah!) and I’ve built a profitable business by helping my clients generate over £28 million is sales – without using “salesy” tactics

When I first ventured online to create NeverEnding Clients with Marie Rodgers, I quickly discovered that the approaches put forward by the gurus and experts simply didn’t work for me. I decided to take my offline client conversion system and adapted it for the internet. Within 2 weeks I had landed my first high ticket client – without using Facebook ads, complicated technology, a website or even an email list! In the first 8 months I had hit 6-figures, and I began teaching clients my step-by-step system. They’re now achieving amazing results – shifting their businesses from “feast or famine” to a continuous “buffet” of high paying clients… all while selling with ease.

Since the day I decided to invest in myself, I approach every day with my 1 and a 1/2 dogs, a good supply of chocolate and the unshakeable belief that YOU have the power to build a business that’s profitable, brings you joy and changes people’s lives.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and take that next step, then by all means, reach out.


Marie xoxo

"When my clients succeed, only then do I succeed."

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