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The last blog post discussed the four steps you need to take in order to create a Signature System that sells, this blog breaks it down further to give you three offers you can suggest to your clients for sales success.

The signature system is the transformation you can provide to your clients, once you have this in place, it shows your clients how they can move from A to B, pain to joy.

Now we want to separate this into three separate programs.

Dividing your promises

Take a look at your promises, write them on sticky notes if you must, then pick the three different options which you know you can give your client.

Then you decide which ones are considered small, medium and large (this will be explained further on), to create three options for your clients.

  1. Bite-sized

The bite-size option, or the small option. This option gives your client momentum, it helps them get unstuck from the situation they might find themselves in. What is the one thing that your clients can do that would help them move forward?

Usually, this is considered an intensive program which means it can be completed over the course of a few hours.

So what is the one thing?

My example:

If a client came to me and said that they struggle when clients say ‘I need to think about it’, I would focus on this one problem, and focus on the promise.

  1. Pain to joy

Usually the most popular program you will have. It is where you take someone from a zero and make them into a hero! From struggling to

Usually the most popular program you will have. It is where you take someone from a zero and make them into a hero! From struggling to success. Your signature system, the way in which you will usually work with your client.

  1. Everything

Your pain to joy, plus your next stage.  This is the option that exceeds their expectations.  That gives them the life that they dreamed of, it’s everything they wanted and so much more.

Why create three irresistible offers?

Plural! Why three? There is actually a psychological reason for offering three rather than just one. You are giving your client a choice which makes it easier for them to work with you.

If you simply present only one way your client can work with you, the choice is yes or no.

You would think that this would give you a 50/50 chance of the client saying yes, but the most likely answer (70%) is a no. Why is this the case?  FEAR!  When you present someone with only one option then they have nothing to compare it to, so they look for reasons NOT to buy first out of FEAR.  Fear of making a mistake and fear of failure.

However, when you give your client more than one option and they have a choice, you shift their decision-making process from ‘if’ they will work with you, to which option suits them better thereby increasing your sales success by the power of three.

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