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Are you ready to skip straight to the good stuff?

Are you ready to be serenaded by Alicia Keys, for this girl is about to be ON FIRE?

Let’s get some tinder in here!

You are ambitious. You are great at what you do. You work your tail off every day.

Yet, somehow, your calendar is all prospects and no clients.

The notion of sales fills you with dread, and your brilliant mind is taken hostage by worry.

  • Worry about saying the wrong thing.
  • Worry about appearing pushy and greedy.
  • Worry about alienating your prospects.
  • Worry about not meeting your goals.
  • Worry about not paying your bills.

“What if I’m unlucky? What if I’m not good enough? What if I don’t get another prospect? What if they never see the value?”

“What if I never get a “yes”?”

And when it all becomes too much, and you need to cope, you tell yourself this “happens to the best of us”.

It’s not untrue. In fact, a sales lull is something that has happened to every entrepreneur you’ve ever admired.

The problem is, their success stories give you all the wrong ideas.

Like one day it’s going to just be your turn.

Like that stuck feeling you have comes with “paying your dues”.

Like every extra course and book add to your momentum, and your business will magically explode once you’ve learned enough.

But don’t you have that nagging feeling there is something else at work here? That you don’t need more time or more study?

That what you actually need is a kind of a… shift?

My 24 years of sales experience tell me that a shift is exactly what you need to finally get things moving.

From waiting for success to being a success.

From hearing “I’ll think about it” at the end of every sales call, to a choir of your soul clients singing the song of “yes”.

From bank account on freeze, to bank account on fire.

And fire starts with a single spark.




I’m Marie Rodgers, and I am not a professional marketer.

I am not a productivity coach, either, and I will absolutely not do your FB ads.

What I am is someone who knows their stuff, and my stuff is SALES.

For the past 24 years, I’ve been a Sales Strategist and Sales Expert. I have seen enough highs and lows of business to help action takers like yourself go from striving to thriving in my capacity as a Master Sales Coach.

My coaching clients are women who want to:

  • hear “Sign me up!”, not “Let me check with my partner…”
  • only work with soul clients they cannot wait to hear from
  • generate prospects and clients on demand
  • enjoy reliable success rates beyond what most people think of as reasonable
  • sell with ease, grace and confidence, each and every time
  • have sales conversations that are 100% authentic to just who they are and who they serve
  • fall in love with the process, so they are as excited for their next sales call as Game of Thrones fans are for each new episode

Whose method do I use to get my ladies to those heights?

My own, of course!

I call it 7 Steps to Yes,

and it’s the art of becoming easy to say “yes” to.

Except, this is an art that anyone can learn, even if you’re no good at drawing or Chopin.

Can you follow a simple recipe? Can you make a phone call? Are your ears attached?

You can sell alright.

The 7 Steps are all you need to:

  • smash your income ceiling
  • become irresistible to clients that are a perfect match for you
  • let yourself be yourself every step of the way and ALWAYS have that be enough
  • prove to yourself, once and for all, that you ARE meant to live the life you’ve always wanted
  • fan your spark into a full-blown flame, so that you never have to go through a sales lull again!

Are you in?
Let’s get cracking!

Right now, you may feel like a fraud. Other coaches are having all of the success, and you have their social media posts to prove it.

They are the ones on fire. You are in limbo. That’s what it feels like anyway.

While that may be true right this second, I know better than to write you off today.

I’ve trained enough team members and solopreneurs to know one thing for sure:

You are never stuck for no reason.

There is a very specific thing holding you back from having the sales confidence AND results you want. Sure, there are usually other things you can optimize to grow into your full potential, but those are not mission critical today.

That one specific thing is.

The good news is, it’s usually very quick and easy to fix, so you can start selling from a place of alignment in no time at all.

The bad news is, it can take you months of journaling and pondering to find the faulty part to begin with.

Months that neither your soul, nor your mortgage really have. Months that your perfect clients wouldn’t be able to get help, because you were always the one meant to provide it.

Are you ready to skip straight to the good stuff?

Are you ready to be serenaded by Alicia Keys, for this girl is about to be ON FIRE?

Let’s get some tinder in here!

The Ignite Intensive.

One of greatest perks of being in an industry for a couple of decades and training thousands of people? I have truly seen it all.

I know every possible way things can go wrong for you.
I know just how each underlying cause manifests.
I know just what questions to ask to get whatever is holding you back out of hiding and into the open.
I know just what you need to do to get it out of your life for good.

Best of all, I know how to tweak the plan until it works for your personality, your clients, and your unique circumstance.

The Ignite Intensive has been designed to give you both the awareness and the tools you need to get over your sales hump and start turning prospects into clients as soon as possible.

In fact, what could have taken you months, I can help you achieve in just a few hours.

The Ignite Intensive is a 2.5-hour 1:1 deep dive coaching session.

We shall assess your current situation and the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
We shall take a look at your entire sales process, from your sales mindset, to your follow up methods.
We shall uncover the single biggest reason you aren’t meeting your sales goals, and it probably won’t be what you think it is.
We shall devise the exact steps you need to take to reverse the situation, so that what hinders you today is no longer a factor.

This is not about teaching you a secret technique or algorithm. You and your situation are unique, so there is no place for a one-size-fits-all solution.

My job isn’t done if your bank account balance doesn’t change. And for that to happen, we need to dig deep, until we find whatever’s been killing your spark and keeping you stuck.

How do I know our session is done? Not when the clock runs out.

When the light bulb goes on and your path is clear.

In other words, when you finally get your hands on a box of dry matches.

 I don’t just want you to understand what’s wrong. I want you to actually fix it, so that you get to experience the joy of an effortless sales conversation, and my method gets to claim another convert. And, while a-ha moments are fun, there are two truths a good coach must be aware of:

• Every a-ha moment takes a minute to sink in. 

• No a-ha moment is enough to change your life. Action must follow.

Once we’re done with our 2.5-hour intensive, you will have the spark you need, sure. I will still want to double-check how the fanning is working out.

Everyone needs accountability. Everyone needs support and somebody to cheer them on in those critical first days. Everyone needs the option to customise, if something isn’t working out quite like you’d hoped.

That is why, in addition to our initial call, we will do a 60-minute Progress Session, once you’ve had the chance to process and act on whatever we’ve uncovered.

With the extra support, that first “yes” is sure to come that much faster.

Can’t wait to get there?

Anita Smith

Mindset & Business Development Coach at You Can Make You Happy.

“The one thing I was never good at was naming my price. More often than not, I’d get the dreaded “I need to think about it”, rather than the coveted “Yes”. I knew something needed to change, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Until my session with Marie.

I didn’t just get clear on how to become easier to say “yes” to. I applied what I learned, and made back 5 TIMES THE COST OF IGNITE INTENSIVE!!

One session. 500% return in 7 days. I’d call that a good deal.

So if you’re still stuck (like I was), want bigger things for yourself and your business (like I did), and need GUIDANCE to make that happen (I don’t know what I would have done without it), give Marie a call. The money will come back in no time, and it will bring friends.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the required investment?

The investment for the Ignite Intensive is £997.
If you’re looking for a payment plan, we can do that, too! £499 at the time of booking, and another £499 before our Progress Session (after the initial Deep Dive Session).

Will I know everything there is to know about sales?

Absolutely not. If that is your goal, book a call anyway, and we will discuss other options. The Ignite Intensive, however, is designed to get you past your single biggest obstacle to greater sales, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
There is no room for information you do not need right now, as that would overwhelm you and defeat the purpose of the intensive.

Do I even need to fall in love with sales?

If you desire money and impact, it is definitely a good idea.

You can invest all the time and energy in the world into developing your skills and talents, vision boards, 20-year plans, and ideas to relieve suffering in 3rd world countries.  None of it is useless, and most of it probably brings you joy in the moment. But will any of it make you or the world richer?

When prospects don’t turn into clients, they don’t get the help they need.
When you don’t get paid, your business runs out of fuel.  It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are. It doesn’t matter how wonderful a fit you are for someone.  If they don’t buy, none of it counts.

Will this make me more successful?

If your definition of success includes a line or two about growing your bank account and serving clients who are perfect for you and a joy to work with, the Ignite Intensive will absolutely make you more successful.

On top of that, it will do quite a bit to demystify sales to you, so that you fall in love with the process. It’s going to be easier than you ever imagined possible, too!

Will I get a “yes” on my next call?

There is a myth out there that being great at sales means to “always be closing”.

The reality is, there is a portion of the people coming through your door that you wouldn’t really want to “close”, if you stayed true to yourself and what feels authentically good to you.

There will also be people who aren’t ready to get the most out of working with you just yet.

For those two groups, a “no” is the better outcome, whether it comes from them or you yourself.

For everybody else, “yes” will be much easier to get to, as long as you apply the tools you are given.

I cannot guarantee sales if you are still mostly talking to the wrong people. I am, however, certain, that you will sign your next client in no time at all.

Will I make £50K next week?

If your prices are high enough, and you take enough action, it is a possibility! It is going to be harder if you only do a call a day, and charge £20 per person, however.

I've tried other things before. Will this work on me?

After 24 years in sales, there is nothing out there that I haven’t seen and fixed before.

I can absolutely guarantee that you will have the answers you need to give your sales conversations the boost they need.

Between the initial Deep Dive Session and the Progress Session, you are guaranteed to get the tools that will work for you.

The only variable is whether you use the tools.

If I were you, I would. Your soul and your bank account will thank you.

Will you use your own techniques on me if we get on that call?

With about a 102% probability, yes. My method is second nature to me by now.  And that is the best news in the world, because I’m not after the sale. I am after the best possible outcome.  If that is you and I working together on this? You’ll know.
If that is to refer you to somebody else or let you go if you’re not ready? You’ll know that, too.
But wouldn’t it be a shame to never find out?

How much would your life change if you knew you’d never miss another great client?

How much better would your work day feel? How much easier would conversation flow?

How liberating would it be to know that you will ALWAYS get the best possible outcome?

Perfect clients.
Ease and authenticity.
Ever-growing revenue.
Joy, Fun. Real connection.
Sales on fire.

The Ignite Intensive

The Ignite Intensive is not just a first step. It’s a giant leap in the direction of your soul’s desires.

A 2.5-hour Deep Dive Session

A 60-minute Progress Session

A customised solution to what hurts you most TODAY

Could this opportunity be what you’ve been waiting for?